Stocks Live For Tradier

$0 commission trading stocks using Tradier Brokerage.
Easy to use and powerful stock market research tool for iOS devices. 
Portfolio manager with unique features for smart investors. 


We wanted an investment tool that help us pick winners and manage assets easily, we weren't happy with any of the available tools, so we created our own.  Every feature has a purpose and they all fit together. 


One glance and you can see which company is up or down.  Some tiles shake for a good eason.  Just like fruits picking!

Realtime prices

Is 30 seconds a long wait for you? We know it is.  We have realtime pricing for many exchanges, including UK and some european countries.

Themed Colored Charts

Do you check charts on websites like CNBC, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, Routers etc...?  Do you realize each website have different style?  When you are inside Stocks Live, you can choose any chart style that makes you feel good.

Follow Gurus

You can't go wrong if you follow Warren Buffet or 70+ headge fund manager.  Stocks Live have all their holdings as watch lists!

1000+ scanners

One of the best way to pick winners is to scan the stock market for bullish or bearish lists.  We got many scanners for you to pick.


If you want to check one year price prediction of any USA company or their ratings, this is the place to be, TipRanks is an awesome service, we are happy to integrate them. 

Unique Features

At the core, we have all the basics of a financial app, you know, charts, real-time quotes, watchlists, portfolios etc... But we have more than basic features.  Join the world of creativity and innovation never found anywhere else.

Portfolio Tagging

Magic will happen when you tag certain portfolios, you can filter by tag, this way, you can only see kids portfolios or any family memeber or clients.


Wondering the total will be when a stock reaches a certain level? With What-If feature, you can set the price of any stock to any value and see the total.  No Excel needed.

Upcoming Dividend View

If you have a portfolio that gives you dividend, wouldn't you want to know what is the monthly payout?

Evernote Integration

Want to write a note and attach charts, voice memos, news links or just annotated images? With Evernote integration, free accounts, you can do that and view anywhere, web, desktop or mobile.

Native Twitter Integration

Not only you will read relevant tweets without following anyone, you will be able to follow threads of new companies mentioned in the tweets.


Have you ever wanted to show off your portfolio performance? Have you sent text with "I made 10% on AAPL in the last 4 month"?  Try our animated chart feature, 3 seconds movie that tells the above story and will take you 30 seconds to make!